Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My (Doomed) Morning Jacket Compilation CD

It can't be done. The dark forces that lie within will thwart your plans to make the perfect compilation CD of My Morning Jacket. What are these dark forces? Sony rootkits? iTunes? Fucked up store-bought CDs?

No. I think it's more than that. I think it's the supernatural MMJ Muse who says, "No, my son. Don't do it. You can't fit all their good songs onto one 80 minute CD. They have too many good songs, too many long songs. Don't even try. If you do try, then I will make sure tracks 11-13 will not rip correctly on your computer, nor play on your mortal car stereo."

That's the way it happened to me. I was inspired by their killer performance on Austin City Limits, and I took a shot at putting together a future greatest hits for MMJ. I put an emphasis on the newer rockers and the shorter acoustic-flavored numbers. I just wanted something that would sound good in the car, something I could share with friends who hadn't been introduced to the brilliance of MMJ.

Here's the song list, re-ripped and ready to roll:

1) Anytime
2) Off The Record
3) Gideon
4) Golden
5) One Big Holiday
6) Mahgeetah
7) X-Mas Curtain
8) Wordless Chorus
9) It Beats 4 U
10) Bermuda Highway
11) How Do You Know
12) Lowdown
13) Come Closer
14) They Ran

I know. The Tennessee Fire has been criminally under-represented, etc, etc. I'll have to get started on Volume II now. Wish me luck.

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Lefty said...

You get points for bringing special attention to "Come Closer," which is fantastic. The new MMJ double live album offers MMJ's own take on its best of. No real surprises except a tune called "Steam Engine" that I hadn't formerly been acquainted with.