Sunday, June 10, 2007

Swaddler's Delight

There’s a new member of the Driftwood clan. In honor of Dewey Dell and Lefty’s brand new little baby, here’s some driftable infant music. Along with Colleen, Bach, Eno and Woody Guthrie, these were some of the jams that made JP’s and my first weeks home with baby Bernice such a cocoon of sleepy sonic pleasure. These tracks come from the first of Raymond Scott’s three-disc Soothing Sounds for Baby series. These recordings were made in 1963, with the approval and marketing muscle of the Gesell Institute of Child Development. The idea was that parents could nurse, change, bathe, swaddle, rock and otherwise take care of their babies with these edifying percolating rings in the background. Not exactly Baby Mozart, more like Baby Kraftwerk.

“Sleepy Time” - Raymond Scott

“Music Box” - Raymond Scott

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