Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Girl After My Own Heart

There's a great, fascinating profile of Shelby Lynne in The New York Times Magazine, focusing on her forthcoming album of Dusty Springfield covers. What we learn is that the woman is a pistol -- a bone fide hellraiser and likely a bisexual and a drunk. She's also really into grammar. That's old school. I shouldn't have to sell anyone on her seminal I Am Shelby Lynne (2000) at this point, it's exquisite and has really aged into one of my favorite albums (please revisit, Mr. Poncho). And if you need further proof that she's Driftwood material, there's this:

When she’s not on the road, a typical Friday night for Lynne means having some friends over for a bottle of wine and playing records, just as the family used to do in Alabama. “I don’t have an iPod,” she said. “I have a computer that I turn on occasionally. I still have all my vinyl. Sissy” — her nickname for [her sister, Allison] Moorer, who lives in New York with her husband, the alt-country singer Steve Earle — “says she has no room in her apartment for records, but I’d keep mine even if I had to sleep on them. You can’t roll a joint on an iPod.”

No, you really can't.

Where I'm From - Shelby Lynne

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Frankie Lee said...

Good article... Anyone who's that into grammar & Dusty is all right by me. Gawd bless 'er.