Saturday, February 09, 2008

"What’s Real Has Become a Freak"

Swamp Dogg is up there with the likes of Merle Haggard when it comes to tunefully bemoaning the sad state of the present. It’s what he does best. But what do you call a jeremiad that’s written from the fictional future? Some sort of speculative plu-perfect nightmare fantasy. This tune, "The World Beyond," was written by Bobby Goldsboro, if you can believe that. I’m sort of planning on going out on the hunt for the vinyl with the Goldsboro version of this track. It seems so perfectly Swamp Doggian. It’s like a beach music equivalent of Planet of the Apes.

Then there’s "Synthetic World," the title of which pretty much speaks for itself. As the man sings: "Strange initials to keep me blind, psychedelic music to blow mind."

Finally, as a part of the Driftwood Singers Present's ongoing "Joe South: Degrees of Separation" project, we offer "Redneck," which was written by our mysterious man from Atlanta, session man supreme, tropical recluse, the Brian Wilson of Dixie.

If you took Cher and crossed her with Al Green, you might, if you were really lucky, and all the genetic gears lined up, end up with Swamp Dogg.

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