Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life is Just Mythical

Lefty asked for this one special. I posted a slightly crappier version of this here nearly three years ago, along with some whisper singing from Burundi and an unusual bit of early sampling from Joni Mitchell off of Hissing of Summer Lawns. Links are all dead now.

Oddly enough, just the other week I interviewed John Kelly, the performance artist who channels Joni Mitchell in his show Paved Paradise. He’s bringing his show to Hartford in January.

In going to search for this track, I was struck with the almost scary realization that I have four Nazareth records on vinyl. I’m pretty sure this all stems from a mixed tape that Frankie Lee made for me years and years ago which opened up on one side with “Razmanaz.” And I’m also pretty sure that it was Frankie Lee’s sis who mentioned the Nazareth version of “This Flight Tonight” in one night of epic drinking. So it all comes together, family style.

After re-listening to this a few times, alls I can say is fuck Chinese Democracy. The Scots had it down. Dig the senseless reprise of the battering-ram rhythm and riff. Immigrant Song. Baracuda. Whatever. You can picture the guys in the front line – singer holding a mic stand, bassist and guitarist, all standing in a row, rocking sideways on the balls of their feet, in time, choreographed you might say, as the crowd loses it. Gaelic aerobics. Did you know that the Youngs – Angus and Malcolm, of AC/CD – were originally from Glasgow before the family relocated to Australia? Explains a lot.

“This Flight Tonight” – Nazareth


Frankie Lee said...

The more things change...I recently made a mixed cd for brother C which included, what else, Razamanaz.
Needless to say, he soon reported to me that it was a revelation. There is beauty in the world. Thanks for the family shout-out. P.S. Recently watched the video for It's a Long Way to the Top (see link below), complete with bagpipers... Effin' brilliant.

Agent Eliot said...

I just stepped into an AC/DC YouTube hole and I can't get out.

Frankie Lee said...

That's a good one...hadn't seen it. I love the gum-chewing & the bookbag on Angus's back. They rule.

Lefty said...

Speaking of Chinese Democracy. Doug S. and I listened to some of the new GnR on Friday night and concluded that it is, quite possibly, maybe even definitely, the worst music ever made. Shockingly bad. Maybe even purposefully awful. Will post soon.