Monday, January 12, 2009

Reflections, Ruminations, Regurgitations

Greetings, friends! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist). It's been a wild and wooly time, hasn't it, and I suppose it must be 2009. Yes, it sure is, quite so. I think I've joined the legions of Slow Bloggers (there was an article about it in the NYT recently--I'm forever seeking legitimacy)... So what did I learn, musically speaking, in the past year? Well, for starters, I got "turned on" to Terry Reid (by listening to the soundtrack to The Devil's Rejects, oddly enough), and boy, am I glad that he didn't become the lead singer for Led Zeppelin! (It was better for everyone involved, I'd say). This song is so damn beautiful it almost makes me cry. (I'm comfortable enough in my putative manhood to say that).
Brave Awakening--Terry Reid

I know, I know, I'm a little slow to see things sometimes, but I've finally come to realize the brilliance of ELO. This song is just about perfect, pop-wise. They out-Bee Gee the Bee Gees, if I may coin a phrase (sorry, Lefty!) But, you know.
Strange Magic--ELO

Oh, and by the way, had I mentioned how great AC/DC is? were? am? I'm talking about the Bon Scott years, of course. Fucking brilliant, my friends.
Problem Child--AC/DC

And my favorite song of 2008? This one, okay? It's, well, really good. Just go with it. (Nitpickers: The album was released in 2007, yes, but the single didn't come out until January of last year. So there).


Lefty said...

Part of that Rihanna melody is ripped from Madonna's "La Isla Bonita," so that's cool, I always liked that song. But I want to see you your Rihanna single and raise you this Estelle single, "American Boy," ft. Kanye West. I was jamming this in the car the other day and thought I should mention it at some point.

jonderneathica said...

I have been curious about Terry Reid since I read the Replacements book. Paul, Tommy, and their manager (Peter Jesperson) were fans, especially of the song "May Fly".