Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ron Wood: I've Got My Own Album To Do

Smell that? That’s Ron Wood soup cooking. Go ahead, taste it. Let me check the kitchen timer. Yes, it’s 1974 and it’s just about done. I’ll have some too. You like the chunks of Rod Stewart in there? Mmm and dig the Ian McLagan flavor. Yeah, there’s some Keith Richards and Mick Jagger chunks too. Is that the exotic spice of some Jeff Beck prog fusion in there too? I like those funky effects pedal flavorings. Yes, that is a bit of George Harrison mysticism and compassion you taste. Mmm, I can still taste a hint of the Creation seasoning. Wait, don’t eat it too fast. Enjoy the slow masterful tempos. There are simply great songs in here. Bands like Son Volt will reheat some of this in about 20 years. J. Mascis will say it’s one of his favorite meals. But for now try not to think about how this big hearty bowl of Ron Wood soup was just a side dish earlier in the Faces, or later just a side dish in the Stones, because for the moment it’s 1974 and it’s the main course. Delicious.


Django West said...
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Jason Bugg, Killer of Fools said...

I dig Ronnie Wood for the stuff he did with the Faces and Rod Stewart's early solo albums, but I can't stand him with the Stones. Does that make me normal?