Monday, March 05, 2007

Data Afterburn

It may be more of a glimpse behind the curtain than anyone really cares to take, but one of the things I enjoy about blogging is the variety of ways one (the blogger) can chop and dice the data about who's reading your blog. The site meter is an amazing, pathologically narcissistic tool. While it's sometimes sobering, after poring over the hard data, to learn that most guests to the Driftwood Singers site are in fact accidental visitors, wayward travellers, stumblers in the digital ether, there is a powerful sense of pride that comes with the realization that if someone Googles the phrase "gay semiotics," for instance, the potent logarithmic mysteries will bring you (almost) directly to our little blog.


Lefty said...

Thanks to Site Meter, I just learned that David Allen Coe is a Mormon!

Anonymous said...

Driftwood Singers, where are you!!! I yearn, I burn, for your siren song!