Sunday, March 04, 2007

More Spoilage

I know it’s wrong to lift stuff from other blogs, but I can’t resist. I downloaded the entire Spoils of War record from The Magic of Juju site, which I’m still being blown away by. This track, "Now Is Made in America," is a wonderful mix of trippy psychedelia and spooky early electronic music burblings. It fits in nicely with the Silver Apples and The United States of America.
Could any band name and song title be more fitting? The sad truth is: now IS made in America.

"Now is Made in America" - The Spoils of War

Note: This track sounds as if it's cut off abruptly, but that's because there's too much extended synthy oscillation transition to make for discreet breaks.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. Does the song cut off prematurely, or is that just how it ends?