Friday, August 03, 2007

A Musical Worm Contest

Since Mr. Poncho has offered some formidable candidates for "best first line [in a song] ever," I figured I can't let a good contest go unmet. Luckily for me, the hippie record clerk in Woodstock, New York, last month was charging $15 for shit like Santana but let Nick Lowe's Labour of Lust (1979) go for $4. Fool! And that's when I was blessed with these amazing couplets, which open the song:

I made an American squirm
And it felt so right
On screen was a musical worm
Deep, deep into the night

Given that these lines are hung on such a sensational pop hook, it's an absolute bullseye. And "American Squirm" has a bonus irony: The same year it was released, Lowe married country singer Carlene Carter, daughter of Carl Smith and June Carter Cash and step-daughter of Johnny Cash. He remained buddies with Johnny even after he divorced Carlene and Lowe eventually wrote the amazing "Beast in Me" for Cash for his American Recordings album.

I have no idea what a "musical worm" is. Anybody who can tell me will win a contest-within-the-contest and receive ... a CUSTOM-MADE DRIFTWOOD MIX CD! (That's right, a CD -- because I'm not losing $20 again!) Email us with the answer.

My final warning: If you don't own Pure Pop for Now People and Labour of Lust, whatever sorry assemblage you call a "record collection" is woefully inadequate (with the understanding that if you actually have a "record collection" you're screwed from the get-go, therefore you're just inadequately screwed).

American Squirm - Nick Lowe

And in case you think Lowe's all smart ass all the time, listen to this beautiful number that comes directly after "American Squirm."

You Make Me - Nick Lowe

Finally, if you missed these Pure Pop gems the first time I posted them, here again are two Lowe masterpieces.

Marie Provost - Nick Lowe

Tonight - Nick Lowe

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Anonymous said...

Does this help? I found this definition of a "musical worm" on an urban dictionary website.

It's when a song gets stuck in your head and won't go away. Makes sense, really.