Friday, December 21, 2007


People! In honor of the holiday season, we bring you Volume 5 of Snap, Crackle & Pop, our annual all-vinyl compilation, an ever-deepening exploration of the dusty, dated and teetering record collections that haunt and delight our lives. Everything you will hear on this collection is the result of a diamond-tipped stylus entering an inscribed modulated spiral groove on a specially-lathed disc of polyvinyl chloride. It is of the highest possible fidelity known to mankind. These songs arrive to your ears via the attics and garages of our ancestors, from assorted record stores, stoop sales, junk shops and library giveaways of the northeastern United States, and also from eBay (as far away as Australia). All 24 were lovingly selected during hundreds of hours of inquiry by our dedicated researchers. Brothers and Sisters, we wish you a very merry holiday season and, as always, "good listening.”

Here is the ZIP file of SNAP, CRACKLE & POP, which will require a few minutes to download and unpack into 24 mp3 files, but which will bring a LIFETIME of aural joy. And here is a PDF of the CD cover, for printing and insertion into the CD jewel case of your choice. Finally, herewith is the list of treasures you'll soon hear.

Every Now and Then - Bobby Peterson (Atlantic Records 45" Single, 1962)
I'm Satisfied - Bee Gees (Spirits Having Flown, 1979)
People Used To - Donovan (Open Road, 1970)
I'm So Young - The Beach Boys (Today!, 1965)
Drop the Pilot - Joan Armatrading (Track Record, 1983)
The Long and Winding Road - Ray Charles (Volcanic Action of My Soul, 1971)
Children - Joe South (Don't It Make You Want to Go Home, 1969)
Child of Mine - Carole King (Writer, 1970)
Wasted Days and Wasted Nights - Freddy Fender (Before the Next Teardrop Falls, 1974)
Captain Kennedy - Neil Young (Hawks & Doves, 1980)
American Squirm - Nick Lowe (Labour of Lust, 1979)
Vincent Van Gogh - Jonathan Richman (Rockin' and Romance, 1985)
Thank You - Bonnie Raitt (Bonnie Raitt, 1971)
Don't Walk Away - Electric Light Orchestra (Xanadu Original Soundtrack, 1980)
Girls Can Tell - The Dixie Cups (Red Bird 45" B-side, 1964)
Anything for My Baby - Kiss (Dressed to Kill, 1975)
Out of Left Field - Percy Sledge (The Best of Percy Sledge, 1969)
Secret - Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (Crush, 1985)
Long Way Round - Gerry Rafferty (Can I Have My Money Back?, 1971)
I Love You - Eddie Holman (I Love You, 1970)
Call It a Day - Rab Noakes (Rab Noakes, 1980)
Little Kings of Rock and Roll - The Revelers (Pioneering the Future With... 7" single, 1998)
Motel With No Phone - John Anderson (John Anderson 2, 1981)
Sherry Darling - Bruce Springsteen (The River, 1980)

Happy New Year!


Daylightrambler said...

Thanks, y'all! This is gonna be great, I'm sure. Sorry I ain't been around as much, and it's my new years' resolution to increase my intake of Vitamin Driftwood.

Happy In Bag said...

I was going to thank you for this gift, but the second song reminded me of your, um, Bee Gees problem...

Pastor McPurvis said...

Thanks for the great mix! That Freddy Fender tune transports me way back to when I was six years old, riding in the uncomfortable back seat of the family Volkswagon to get some ice cream at the Igloo in Toledo, Ohio. Not that you'd be interested in/familiar with that, but thanks for the memory!

Happy holidays from Pastor McPurvis and the entire staff over at!!

Lefty said...

Pastor McPurvis: the genesis of most of my musical taste, including my "Bee Gees problem," date to early experiences traveling in a VW bus, so your comment is highly relevant. In fact, that was the subject of my first post on this blog!

Happy: We're going to work on YOUR "Bee Gees problem" in '08. We'll convert you yet....

Jason Bugg, Killer of Fools said...
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