Thursday, July 03, 2008

Listen My Friend

I thought I might have reached the point in my life where Saddle Creek Records no longer meant much to me. But then I got a hold of the newest Neva Dinova record, You May Already Be Dreaming, their first on SC. It’s a good’n. Hitting all the ragged-glory sweet spots, evoking sandy buttes, high plains drifters, bug juice, tongue paint, mutations of Omaha. I saw these guys open for Ladyhawk in Northampton a while back. They were plagued by a caricature of a club-ass soundman, but they managed to rock the 6 or so folks in the crowd. Songs about death, weather systems, old cars. Saddle Creek is giving away what I consider to be the two best songs from the disc. Here they are:

“Clouds” - Neva Dinova

“Will the Ladies Send You Flowers When You Die?”- Neva Dinova

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