Friday, August 01, 2008


I'll admit it, I usually don't read the real estate section of The New York Observer - not that I'm better than that: I'm worse than that. I get made sick by what I can't have, which is a lot. Anyway, I saw this item with Phil Lesh's name and a big price tag and something caught my eye. I made an exception. I don't know Max Abelson, perhaps Lefty can pass along props, because this opening graph about a sort of mundane condo sale deserves recognition:

"Years of appreciating the Grateful Dead’s music leaves one with the impression that the band’s surviving members all maintain a certain kind of house. Surely, rhythm guitarist Bob Weir lives in a moss-covered mansion where little pixie servants tend to his benevolent whims, and drummer Bill Kreutzmann resides below the oceanic photic zone with kindly umbrella mouth gulper eels, or, at the very least, bassist Phil Lesh makes his home with dancing bears in a rainbow-colored cave."

That bit about residing "below the photic zone with kindly umbrella mouth gulper eels" is just massive. I'm tapping my rolled-up paper program on my knee, now clapping, now standing to my feet and cheering, nodding in approval and looking with a knowing grin at my neighbors.

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