Friday, August 15, 2008

@ Loose Ends

     It's a funny time of year.   Another epic journey to VT has come and gone.  (Lots of rain, some canoeing & kayaking, softball, croquet & badminton, walking in the woods, grilling of grass-fed beef, swilling of Long Trail IPA, etc).  The girls are back in school (way too early, if  you ask me).  Our okra plants keep churning out the pods, and we have to be vigilant about harvesting 'em or they become woody and inedible.  The Reds are languishing in the basement of the National League Central, having gotten rid of two of their stars (Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn).  (Luckily, preseason football has started, so I can start shifting my attention to the Titans, who made the playoffs last year). 
        Today I finally got rid of my '87 Pontiac Grand Am.  I bought it soon after moving to N-ville, and it served me well--until around March of last year, when I finally gave up on it.  It had been sitting in the driveway accumulating tree detritus and staring gloomily at the street.  The time had come, we decided.  On my way home from work one day I noticed a small sign attached to a telephone pole: "Cash For Junk Cars" w/ a telephone number.  I punched it into my cell phone memory, and today I finally called.  "We'll give you $150 for it," the guy said after I told him what I had.  I was surprised and pleased.  Eventually a guy named Bobby showed up, and he successfully wrangled the Pontiac onto his trailer.  "Who's the Bettie Page fan?" he asked, after noting one of the stickers on the dash.  I told him I used to be, before I got married.  (What a lame response, I thought to myself.  Is this what it's come to?)  Anyway, the guy was nice enough, and after peeling a bunch of bills from his cash wad and handing them to me, I bid farewell to the ol' Grand Am and he drove off down the street.

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