Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weather Systems of Romance

My first year in Southern California was an El Nino year. It rained like hell. Big storms blew in from the Pacific as I sat around in a Hollywood apartment, listening to the radio and wondering why the hell I moved there in the first place. I think it was for the weather. Or the work. Neither of which was quite what I had hoped.

Not to mention I didn’t have a real friend in the area. But then I met her one night in a dive bar at Hollywood and Vine. We exchanged numbers and then eventually mix tapes. Hers was better. My favorite song on it was and is “Just For A Moment” by Ultravox, from their 1978 album Systems of Romance.

I guarantee you it is the perfect song to listen to if you ever find yourself in a small apartment in a new city with someone special on a rainy night.

Just For A Moment - Ultravox

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Lefty said...

Wow. That post is so romantic I almost shed a tear. Torrance Drifter put this on a mix she made for me a few years ago. It casts a spell, for sure.