Friday, December 08, 2006

Conflict Resolution (konflikt uchwała)

It seems there's a battle royal going on in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint section of Brooklyn over the lack of Polish musical acts in the concerts thrown at McCarren Pool, an apparently indie-rocker-infested park located smack dab in the middle of ... a giant Polish enclave. The hipsters may pay the exhorbinant rents, but it's the Poles who collect it. So may I suggest the Greenpointers seek out one Tadeusz Nalepa. Yes, fans, he's still around! The founder and lead guitarist of Breakout, the famed 70s Polish prog-rock band. As I've reported before, I found their 1976 masterwork NOL (short for Niezidentyfikowany Obeikt Latajacy, Polish, of course, for Unidentified Flying Object) at a stoop sale in Greenpoint back in 1995. Time has passed but the timelessness of Polish prog rock has not. Please give a listen to this sample, then track down Tadeusz and let the Polish-Hipster healing begin.

Taki Wiatr - Breakout

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