Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year's Resolution #9

Try to be good. Or Whatever. Hear here:

I Will Be Good - Amalgamated Sons of Rest

Dewey and I have been sitting on this record by the Amalgamated Sons of Rest for a couple of years now but I only lately rediscovered it and realized it had this "hidden" track on it. The band is a one-off indie-folk supergroup composed of Will Oldham, Jason Molina and Alasdair Roberts, doing solemn sea chanteys. Oddly, it was recorded on Sept. 10 through Sept. 12 in the year of our unholy disaster 2001. Side two of the vinyl edition has just one song, the aforementioned hidden one, with the rest of the side used for an elaborate and beautiful hand-carved etching of a whale capsizing a boat and some unfortunate sailors getting thrown about. It's hard to capture with a camera, but here are two attempts.

Here you can almost see a boat at the bottom of the disc, the whale in the upper left and dudes getting thrown around the black vinyl sea, the clearest one being the little stick figure near the label:

Here is the whale up close:

Meanwhile, THE DRIFTWOOD SINGERS PRESENT move into the future (read: scrapheap of history) with a MySpace site. Visit often and don't forget to add us as your dubious new friend in the year 2007.

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