Sunday, January 21, 2007

Binary Code

Sometimes a slow-burning flash of shapeless guitar sound, like a bright shot from a flare, is better than a precisely aimed sharp and crisp laser-beam attack. That’s the feeling I have about the guitar bursts on this tune from the forthcoming debut by The Early Years. This is more studied British art school revivalism, but at least they’ve traded in their cantilevered hairdos, patented Gang of Four riffs and counter-tenor trousers for something more disturbing: borderline nutcake commune-inspired krautyness, a little Velvety noise-menace and some zooming Eno-ish hovercraft sounds.

1 comment:

jon manyjars said...

This sounds great, and I agree: it's cool to hear new bands capture that Krautrock vibe. Check out Deerhunter!