Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Might is Right

I've had this experience before: listening to Deerhoof and just shaking my head in pained /ecstatic disbelief. This band has transformative powers. The drummer is a god -- truly, comparable to John French, Keith Moon, Steve Gadd, Mitch Mitchell, Joey Barron. This is mighty, mighty music. Studied, joyous, cathartic, ape-shit insane music. The guitarist keep the Beefheart-isms pumping, with slashing, gnarly blasts worthy of Marc Ribot. And somehow singer Satomi Matsuzaki mixes the childlike cooing of Astrud Gilberto and the naive eccentric freestyling of Shonen Knife. All the while everything remains fierce, energetic, complex and yet somehow catchy.

"+81" - Deerhoof (from Friend Opportunity)

"Wrong Time Capsule" - Deerhoof (from The Runners Four)

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