Monday, January 22, 2007

Somewhere, Somehow, Somebody Musta ... Kicked You Around Some

After reading the story on the front page of Sunday’s NYT about a youth soccer team made up of children who were all refugees from places like Iraq, Sudan, Congo, Liberia and Kosovo, all of whom had relocated to the town of Clarkston, Georgia, in the outskirts of Atlanta – it’s a story that really got me all choked up a few times – I was reminded of this excellent track from an excellent (and underappreciated) record from last year, the title song from The Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars’ Living Like a Refugee. It’s fascinating music because it demonstrates the boomerang effect of many styles the sprang from the African diaspora and how they’ve managed to circle back and re-influence music on the African continent. Take your pick – funk, Cuban son, jazz, blues, hip-hop, they’ve all touched base back in Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Congo and elsewhere. You can hear serious hints of calypso and reggae on this disc. Dig the handclaps, dig the mouth-wah-wah. These musicians from Sierra Leone all met at refugee camps in neighboring Giuinea. These guys have known hardship. Once again it poses the perplexing question of how people who’ve had such a shitty time of it can make such uplifting music.


Fulvio said...

Please! I am Brazilian and a superfan of IRA!... I was searching for music blogs and wrote IRA! on a site "just for fun"... expected found nothing about the band, but there was a link to a post in your blog!!! ='D

Unfortunately the link is not working, I dont know exactly why... I would like know if you has the music archive and colud send it to me please! This is a track that is not in their discography... the post is from September 14, 2006...

please, please!

sirry for any mistake... i've not write in english for a long time... =/

if you can... send it to


Lefty said...

that's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.