Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Circus Maximus: All in Favor, Say "Aye"

We had a quarterly meeting of the Driftwood Singers Board of Directors, held this past weekend in bucolic Pound Ridge, NY. Meats were grilled, vinyl was spun, whiskey was sipped, CDs ripped, futures pondered, guitars strummed, pasts reconsidered, handrolls smoked. In short, we communed with the sky, big time.

Among the findings, the board re-affirmed its commitment to spreading and amplifying the genius of Percy Sledge, and the board voted to table discussion on issues concerning Poco and the Average White Band. A draft resolution concerning Joe South and Bread was sent to a sub-committee hearing. When the meeting was adjourned, a Driftwood Singers caucus met to further discuss the matter of Headstone Circus.

The board members present felt that Headstone Circus, a little-known DC-based psychedelic country-rock group from the late 60s whose music is about to be re-issued on Normal Records, deserves the respect of all those who cherish gnarly Native American-inflected psychedelic blues-rock. It was unanimously agreed that, according to article IV, subsection C, of the Driftwood Charter, any band that can conjure CSNY and the Eagles, with weird tinges of Blue Cheer and the Marshall Tucker Band, deserves the full support of the board. Furthermore, any band whose foundation myth involves ingesting LSD in an old cemetery in which the "tombstones appeared to be melting and taking on animal shapes" is immediately eligible for special DSP grants and wavers of all application fees.

Ken Burgess announced that the Driftwood Singers’ Career Day events are still on schedule for August.

Because of time constraints the board adjourned.

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2hands0feet said...

Hey there Mr. Poncho et. al.--
The Onion´s entertainment branch, the brilliantly-written-and-obsessively-updated AV Club, just published a brief interview with frequent Driftwood Singers subject M. Ward, found @ www.avclub.com/content/interview/m_ward