Friday, May 18, 2007

How You Drifted Here

It was the wiseman Mr. Poncho who first observed the strange and circuitous routes by which readers happen upon The Driftwood Singers Present. If you've recently sought, by way of Google or Yahoo, useful information on "Robin Thicke's bass player," or wanted to know "is Freddy Fender gay" or more generally about "singers during the hippies" (a particular speciality of this site), you may have stumbled headlong into our small, seedy crevice of the webosphere, finding Mr. Poncho, Lefty and the gang hanging 'round the campfire talking about Melanie's vibrato. For that, we're grateful and not a little dumbfounded. That's why we've added -- and will continue to add to -- a new sidebar tool called "How You Drifted Here," highlighting the various byways that have lead unsuspecting travelers into our clutches. The sum total, we believe, will offer a profile of what this site stands for, its overall gestalt in the electronic collective consciousness. The routes of all ye Drifters to our Driftwood Singing makes us what we are today. So far, it's a dubious portrait indeed. And for that we thank you: Thanks for drifting our way.

A little theme music for exploring our new Drift tool:

One Day - Anne Murray

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