Friday, October 26, 2007

Separated At Birth: Thom Yorke Is Robin Thicke with A Mood Disorder

To all the dear folks who ponied up hard-earned cash for the new Radiohead album, don't go taking this as a knock. On the contrary! But here's the deal: Thom Yorke sounds exactly like Robin Thicke, the LA-based, Miami-inspired white R&B crooner whose real-life father is sitcom dad Alan Thicke. True! That combo of tasty beats and sensitive white-man falsetto? That's Thicke working his groovy magic -- or is it Yorke?

15 Step - Radiohead

Lost Without U - Robin Thicke

Here are a some proposed theorems:

Robin Thicke + foul weather - sex = Radiohead


Thom Yorke + Miami - 50 IQ points = Robin Thicke


Thom Yorke + a little bit better = Robin Thicke

Consider their respective world views:

Thicke: "My greatest desire with this album was to write songs that were completely honest and sing them with the emotion I was feeling when I wrote them, so that whoever listens to my music is brought as close to my experiences and life."

Yorke: "Noam Chomsky is a hero of mine, just because I can’t believe that anyone has a brain that size and can lift his head up."

It just goes to show. Remember how Arcade Fire ripped John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band for their hit single "Keep the Car Running"? These things happen. Don't take it so hard.


Happy In Bag said...

Robin Thicke X (Wal-Mart + condoms + Al Green) = Thom Yorke

Frankie Lee said...

Radiohead - Thom Yorke = adiad