Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Road to Wiggin

It’s hard to believe – shocking really – that here we are, having been drifting out in the ether, spinning in a foamy digital eddy all our own, lulled by the circularity of it all, for near two years now (check the archives, mate!), and, according to my records, we’ve not once thrown out the questionable sonic lifeline that is the Shaggs. I mean we’ve double- and triple-dipped on Bob Welch, Melanie, the Bee Gees and more, but not even a single transmission on the Wiggin sisters. That’s whack. So, let’s set some shit aright. Very aright. Let’s take out -- oh, I don’t know – say, three birds with one stone. Call the game warden. We’re poaching, big time. With "It’s Halloween," a seriously magical piece of deep-outside outsider art, we’re bowing in humble awe to the unfathomable familial weirdness of the Shaggs. We’re also checking the little box that says "holiday theme post" off our list for the week. And let’s allow this to be the first of many (like three, maybe) festive posts celebrating the dubious milestone of two-years of Driftwood-ism.

1 comment:

Frankie Lee said...

After all this time, the Shaggs still amaze and confound. That sax part is great.