Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bill Fox, Slight Return?


Exciting developments for fans of BILL FOX, the reclusive singer-songwriter genius from Cleveland, OH!

First, SCAT RECORDS will reissue his two late '90s solo albums over the next year, both on CD and vinyl. Apparently Fox has decided to peek out from his long-held seclusion. Here is the announcement, as published on the label's website on April 3:

Quick bit of killer news... I spoke with Bill Fox yesterday, and we have agreed to reissue his two mid-90s solo albums, Shelter from the Smoke & Transit Byzantium. If you've been trying to get copies of either of these I know your wallet just sighed with relief. Even better, we'll be issuing both on vinyl (a first) as well as cd. I hope to have at least one of them out by the end of the year.

For those of you in the know, this is a BIG DEVELOPMENT, apparently the result of renewed interest after THE BELIEVER story on Fox last summer. Happy day! (Longtime readers of TDSP know we're big boosters of Bill Fox going way back.)

Second! Some rare and not-supposed-to-have-been-released songs from Fox's late '80s power pop group THE MICE have emerged over on music blog I Rock Cleveland and they're worth checking out.

Lastly, and perhaps most tantalizing: I hear that Fox recently jammed with his brother, legendary drummer of the Mice and THE REVELERS, TOMMY FOX. No word on whether this will metastasize into Bill's reemergence or (imagine!) some kind of new project. Very unlikely, but a boy or girl can dream, right?

Lay You Down - Bill Fox

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