Thursday, April 24, 2008

This New Old Sound Pleases Me

When the White Stripes first came out, I loved how Jack channeled Tommy James, that Top 40 pop master of yore. It was the raw 60s garage production, but more importantly the peculiar candy-striped pop sensibility. So this CD by The Dutchess & the Duke just hit my desk and I was struck right away by how they channeled another not-often-channeled pop master, Eric Burden. He of The Animals. They've got the same chiming guitar lines, jingle-jangle rhythm and echo-blasted folk-blues yawp. Their hollered Mamas/Papas harmonies sound piped through a time-travel transistor radio. It's delightful stuff. The album, She's the Dutchess, He's the Duke, comes out July 8 on Hardly Art, so I won't blow it for them and start leaking all the songs into the black inter-hole (trust me, it's a song-for-song champ), but here's what you can already get off their myspace page.

Reservoir Park - The Dutchess & the Duke

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