Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Morning Spring Awakening

All morning, over and over, I've let this Fleet Foxes song wash over me like a breezy open-window bliss. Volume up, windows open. Yes! Despite its title (or because of it?), the gorgeous reverb-soaked harmonies of "White Winter Hymnal" are feathering perfectly with this new spring air, the little red and yellow buds popping on branches all down the block in a psychedelic haze, the sun pulling magnolia bouquets out of the air and raining white and pink waxen elf ears all over the walk, all of it finally conquering my seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Ah! Glory! And I must add, Fleet Foxes, the top secret invention of J. Craig Venter's hippie-rock laboratory (as I've previously discussed here), are the best and loveliest thing to hit me in ages. Listen and revel.

White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes

In the Hot Hot Days - Fleet Foxes

She Got Dressed - Fleet Foxes

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