Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Title Of This Post Says It All

     As James Stockdale (H. Ross Perot's running mate) once asked during a debate, "Who am I?  Why am I here?"  Well, here's my answer.
     And, since tomorrow is both Mr. Poncho's and mine's birthday,  I thought I'd share these tracks from the Gino Vanelli album The Gist of the Gemini.  Listening to them makes me feel like an alien visiting from another planet.  It's utterly baffling that this music was written, recorded, released, etc.  with straight faces all around.  I love the fact that he had the nerve to call a song "Carnal Question" and use the term "A post-war eunuch".  How does this happen, I ask you?  (The second side of the record has a bunch of songs grouped together under the title "The War Suite", of which "Carnal Question" is one.  Heavy stuff).  Vanelli was born in Montreal--I think the Canadian hypothesis is beginning to unravel.  A bona-fide head-shaker.


Mr. Poncho said...

A triple-shot! I think the Canadian Hypothesis might have just gotten a boost. Saul Bellow. Gino. Leonard Cohen. See where I'm going? The Carnal Question remains.

Frankie Lee said...

Don't forget Mordecai Richler.