Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Sisterhood of Stevie

Like David Attenborough stalking the lyrebird through a dense rain forest this video of Stevie Nicks swaying at the center of an impromptu, backstage Wild Heart feels so rare, raw. Stevie is at the height of her powers here, still at the start of a solo career, surrounded by a sisterhood, singing. Her magic is made material. The Three Graces in early eighties sun dresses: a make-up artist, a back up singer and Stevie.

My friend, Ace Black, who brought this gem to my attention, watched it again and again upon finding it. She says, "It was not unlike riding my rocking horse as a girl, physically mesmerized by the rhythm and full of a strange excitement." Indeed.


mr. poncho said...

they also serve who only stand and wait.

Johnny Giallo said...

thanks are due to you once again, D, to this life-affirming window to another world