Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Ceiling's Crying

It rains here. Despite what we have seen on Baywatch and The OC and on postcards, it rains in Southern California. Makers of film noir know this, and so do Jane's Addiction, who do My Time on their debut LP, recorded live in Los Angeles circa 1987.

I remember being blown away by this album back in high school, even as I asked myself why this "Jane" chick was singing like the spawn of Janis Joplin and Axl Rose. Ah, to be young and musically opinionated. I still love the freewheeling quality of this tune, especially the harmonica, acoustic guitar and the lyrics:

listen to the sound
of the gutters runnin'

wash this dirty town
all fronts and no backs
give me my time
let me be
under the ceiling

Soon we would learn much more about Perry Farrell, and I never compared him to Janis or Axl again. He was no longer like the name he gave himself, peripheral, but front-and-center ringleader of Lollapalooza and the emerging Alt Nation.

Or was that just 90's media hype? I don't know. I've never met the guy but I can tell you he still stands out among Laker fans in the Staples Center. Also, just for the record (and just for the sake of doing some LA-style name-dropping), I did meet the real Jane once. It was about 5 years ago at a party in Echo Park. She was really cool. I think we talked about garage bands of the mid-60's or something. She was doing fine, much better than the portrayal in Jane Says.

Here are some more rain songs. They aren't LA rain songs. I'll have to look into more LA rain songs. Only MacArthur Park comes to mind right now, that and November Rain. Yeah. Anyway these are what I'm using to build my rain mix for 2006. These are for anyone who likes the rain around here. It's supposed to be back Friday.

Happy When It Rains by The Jesus & Mary Chain
Rain by The Beatles
Rainy Day In June by The Kinks

And big ups to my friend Rolldog who got me thinking of this album again!

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