Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Canadians

I thought Caribou’s Milk of Human Kindness was one of the best records of 2005.
It’s further proof of the animal-name/Canadian-band axiom, and so I thought it I’d just tag it on to the Ladyhawk post. You have to go in for the laptop auteur approach. You also have to get past the did-I-hear-this-on-VW-ad-? factor. And don’t really go searching for fully realized songs; Caribou is more about atmosphere and texture. It kept reminding me of the Silver Apples, and then I realized that was because there’s a Silver Apples sample somewhere in there. Also reminds me, vocally, of the Left Banke. Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips pointed out in the most recent Mojo that Caribou seems to be vastly under appreciated. Caribou is Dan Snaith, who recently completed a PhD in math. Snaith used to record under the equally awesomely Canadian name Manitoba, but he was threatened with a law suit by litigious geezer punk Handsome Dick Manitoba.

Caribou - “Hello Hammerheads”

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