Friday, April 07, 2006

Gnostic Gospels

How many misanthropic shut-in four-track geniuses are there? Sometimes the supply seems frighteningly limitless. I didn’t know anything about Holy Sons until I got a package from Awful Bliss Records. Holy Sons gives me a little early-mid-90s nostalgia, for the days when self-loathing, deep despond, spiraling despair, and giddy nonsense were sanctioned. Take away the occasionally jazzy drumming, the slowed-down loops of spoken word snippets, the wafer-thin programmed beats, and you might have a Palace Brothers record. The same things keep coming to mind when I listen to this – Steve Miller, Bob Welch, Grandaddy, Little Wings, Beck. Holy Sons is Emil Amos; evidently he appears on a Bread tribute record that came out last year (gotta hear that one). That’s about all I know. I read that he used to live in Chapel Hill. Dig the Max Roach/Buddy Rich cover art rip off.

Holy Sons - "Gnostic Device"

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Anonymous said...

Man that is some Borfclog McSchnadbox. Digging some gnosis in the spring grayscale. Precheate.