Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dirty Murk

Ever since Lefty introduced me to them, I’ve been completely sold on Anomoanon. So I was pleased to see that one of the crew, Dave Heumann, has a new record with his band Arbouretum out on Thrill Jockey. At 10 minutes and something, this is one of those tunes that builds and turns and builds, then implodes and erupts and disappears altogether into itself. It’s a pretty unlikely combination – all haunted and bleak and faux-Appalachian at the start, then it switches into molten, detuned pendulous sludge ballast. There’s some wonderful electrified Native American Neil Young-worthy guitar work in there, too. Minimal, tranced out, post-everything murk. If, at the end of the book, the kid from Cormac McCarthy’s The Road doesn’t turn out to actually be the next messiah, maybe he stumbles on somebody’s fortress-like basement studio and starts recording music like this.

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