Monday, February 26, 2007

It’s Not Like Any Other Glove, This One’s Different

Jello Biafra knew it. Michael Jackson certainly understood, too. Madonna tapped into the wisdom as well. The glove (especially the single glove) affords singers special powers. But before all of them there was glove-wearing pioneer Sean Bonniwell of the Music Machine. Split the difference between Love and Iron Butterfly (not such a big difference, perhaps, but, in the words of Johnny Horton, "Hooray for that little difference.") Dark garage psychedelic pop tossed in with the occasional Neil Diamond cover, maybe some menacing Farfisa, and, best of all, lyrics that were so dumb they’re scarily brilliant. Take, for example, "Masculine Intuition," a genius bit of oxymoronic word play. If you can get past first feeling how groovy it all is, you move quickly into sensing that there’s something very creepy here (the possible date-rape overtones?).


Django West said...

Now we're talkin'! I love this.

Anonymous said...

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