Saturday, February 24, 2007

Young and Innocent Days

I was saddened to learn of the demise of Arthur Magazine. No surprise really that the venture couldn’t survive in these times of online content and ever-dwindling ad revenues. Still, Arthur was such an obviously solid product, one would imagine that, with so much lip service paid to the idea of giving the people what they want, a free freaky taste-maker publication that gives it to them would surely be a success. Where’s multi-millionaire Clinton-trash-talker and publishing-wannabe David Geffen when you need him? I wrote two pieces for Arthur, one about the recordings of trumpeter and composer Jon Hassell and another about the French cellist/sound collagist/composer known as Colleen. I guess it will look good on the resume of the future, like having written for the American Mercury perhaps. Anyway, many people have Arthur to thank for their introduction to things like Sunn O))), the whole freak folk fur ball, legitimizing the music of the Grateful Dead, Sublime Frequencies, among others. For that we should be thankful to Jay Babcock and crew.
If I had MP3s of those sad and beautiful songs "Young and Innocent Days"or "Shangri-La" off of the Kinks wonderful Arthur, I would post them in honor.

[Here you go. -- Ed.]

Young and Innocent Days - The Kinks

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2hands0feet said...

Love this Kinks track-- hadn´t heard it before.