Friday, February 23, 2007

I Have Ten Things to Say

And here they are:

1. Even from across this vast digital wasteland I can often see Mr. Poncho sniff in disgust at some of my profligate tastes here on the interblogger. Al Jarreau! But allow me a moment of po faced seriousness, ok? Randy Newman is a genius. I mean that. Take this indictment of (or love letter to?) ELO from 1979's Born Again. Please!

The Story of a Rock & Roll Band - Randy Newman

2. While I'm at it lemme dash off a quick heresy and destroy what's left of my cred: 1999's Bad Love is his second best album.

The World Isn't Fair - Randy Newman (Read the lyrics here.)

3. If Dennis Wilson had gone to rehab and not fallen off that sailboat and died, Nick Lowe could have helped him produce a song like "Sunny Pasadena" by The Electrolites. Listen to it on their MySpace Page. Good job, fellas.

4. Most people stick with the Folk Dylan when it comes to mining the Big D for chops. Not many choose '66 "Gone Elec'ric" Dylan. Maybe there's something to it.

Eshu Blues - The Black

The Black on MySpace

5. Brett Dennen's PR guy sent The Driftwood Singers his disc a few months ago and it collected dust on a shelf for a spell and then I listened to it. Y'know, it's not half bad. It does, however, give my living room a distinct alt-adult contemporary vibe that I'm not entirely comfortable with. But hey we love free shit!

There Is So Much More - Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen on MySpace

6. What if Nietzsche was reincarnated as a nutty pill-popping flapper on Broadway in 1972?

Yes - Liza Minelli

7. If Girl Talk achieves nothing else in life he can rest easy knowing this: by splicing together 2 Live Crew's "We Want Some Pussy" and Wings' "I Love You" for a total of 20 seconds he has created a moment of pop glory so brilliant it should be placed on a pedestal in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and surrounded by at least four security guards. Listen to the whole thing, it's fantastique.

Peak Out - Girl Talk

8. I know Mr. Poncho thinks maybe I'm over-enthusiastic about certain things. I apologize in advance.

Music Will Not Last - Jamie Lidell

9. Try to follow: Dwight Yoakam doing British Invasion Kinks in the style of Frank Sinatra. Knowing now what we didn't know then--that Ray Davies was HUGE into Frank when he made his late '60s stuff--this is a monumentally awesome interpretation.

Tired of Waiting for You - Dwight Yoakam

10. I love beating a dead horse!

A Wedding in Cherokee County - Randy Newman


Casey said...

Newman's lyrics are awesome. Such irony and truth. I'd never heard "The World Isn't Fair". Thanks for your post!
I visit your blog thanks for the entertainment.
I invite you to visit my new site from time to time. Take care.

Happy In Bag said...

While Bad Love is far from Newman's 2nd best album (duh!), its "Shame" is one of his funniest songs. In fact, I might post it next week as a tribute to the brilliant but terribly misguided Lefty. And who cares what Mr. Poncho thinks!

Anonymous said...

I must admit that, along with Mr. Poncho, I would admonish you for certain selections. However, the Randy Newman and especially the Dwight Yoakam were inspired. Brilliance, after all, is defined by its sparkling quality, the rapid alternation of dimness and sudden blinding light.