Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Can't I Stop Buying Vinyl?

Answer: Because I am a sick person. And also because you really need to hear this shit!

1. It's an early 70s Judeo-Canadian earth muffin blowout! From Carole King's Writer (1970) and Anne Murray's Straight, Clean & Simple (1971).

Child of Mine - Carole King

Child of Mine - Anne Murray
Spaceship Races - Carole King
People's Park - Anne Murray

2. CONTEST!!! If you can tell me who this is, I'll give you TWENTY DOLLARS ($20). I mean it. Be the first to email us at driftwoodsingers at hotmail dot com and I will PayPal you.

[Ed. Note: Contest over! Daylight Rambler has identified the singer as Karl Blau. Mr. Rambler, the check is in the mail and you are an official Driftwood Singer for the day. We love you.]

That's How I Got to Memphis - ????

3. We're taking you back to yesteryear, kids. Paisley and peroxide. From the original high school vinyl copy that I played over and over and over again in the mid-80s!

Rain - The Cult

4. Mr. Poncho was onto this guy way before I was, but now that I own Golden Hits from 1965 I'm bought and sold.

Chug A Lug - Roger Miller

5. Oh Canada. You're so modest.

Early Morning Rain - Ian & Sylvia
Song of Canada - Ian & Sylvia

6. Richard Pyror was on the DL. From 1971's Craps (After Hours) on Laff Records.

F**k the Faggot - Richard Pryor

7. One of the things I discovered on the Time-Life soft rock infomercial and felt the need to explore. Curse you, Henry Luce!

Georgia - Boz Scaggs
Lowdown - Boz Scaggs

8. BWAAAAAAAAAAARHHRGH! From Joe Cocker!, 1969.

Delta Lady - Joe Cocker

9. There Stands the Glass got the word out before I did (hat tip to you, sir), but I've been meaning to trumpet the John Anderson love for a while. He's like George Jones with a higher emotional IQ. Or a less uptight George Strait.

Havin' Hard Times - John Anderson
John Anderson - Motel With No Phone

John Anderson - You've Got the Longest Leaving Act in Town

[Ed. Note: Thanks to slow motion radio music for turning us on to DivShare technology.]


Lefty said...

Don't forget the CONTEST!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the tunes! Divshare, though = extremely delayed gratification.

Lefty said...

Thank you, Anonymous. It's true, this is too slow. All suggestions welcome! Otherwise it's back to and the one-week expiration date on all the tunes.

Casey said...

I visit your blog often. Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your posts this morning!

Tim said...

I picked up "Joe Cocker!" at the library this week. Joe's take on "Dear Landlord" is great. -- Tim

hector23 said...

sorry about Divshare Joe, it is a little slow but i just love the way the imbed feature works