Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pack-It-In Paradigm, Part XXIV

That last Grandaddy record kind of blew, I thought. I had high hopes, after the glories of Sumday and, perhaps even more, the Below the Radio "artist's choice" compilation that Jason Lytle, the main dude behind the band, put together. It was a prime example of 21st Century dystopian Californian hippie escape fantasies. The disc featured the heavenly music of Little Wings, and there's a great track by someone named Virgil Shaw. These are wonderfully lumpy creaky deadender odes, like Jimmy Buffett, only maybe add clinical depression, a former crystal meth problem, and a personality disorder to the general alcoholism.

And if you want to read an excellent account of some back-to-the-land dreamers, the new Vanity Fair has a great feature on The Farm, a hippie commune in Tennessee.

"Back to Eureka" - Virgil Shaw

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