Sunday, April 15, 2007

Those Were Different Times

The permutations keep ... permutating. Through a series of idle clicks, I somehow stumbled on this footage of Bongwater on the great short-lived David Sanborn-hosted show Night Music (If you search for Night Music on YouTube, there’s a load of good stuff – from the Modern Jazz Quartet to the Pixies). If you’ve been following our postings about Roky Erickson, the Vulgar Boatmen and Jonathan Lethem, you might not be surprised that they’re doing a version of Erickson’s song "You Don’t Love Me Yet" – also the title of Lethem’s new novel. In other Roky Erickson/literary news, I noticed, while reading Entertainment Weekly, that Darcey Steinke has a new book called Easter Everywhere.

Bongwater doing "You Don't Love Me Yet" on Night Music

[Ed. Note: Now the New York Times has a review of a recent Roky Erickson show in Brooklyn.]

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