Sunday, April 01, 2007

Saturated Rocks: An Annotated Mix (A)

  1. Dyin’ For It – Mudhoney (B)
  2. Marigold – Nirvana (C)
  3. The Greatest Gift – Scratch Acid
  4. I’m Ready – Royal Trux
  5. 100% -- Sonic Youth (D)
  6. Hard On For War – Mudhoney (E)
  7. Blandest – Nirvana
  8. Juicy Juicy Juice – Royal Trux (F)
  9. Winner’s Blues – Sonic Youth
  10. Mary Had a Little Drug Problem – Scratch Acid (G)
  11. Curmudgeon – Nirvana
  12. She Said She Said – Black Keys (H)
  13. Bull in the Heather – Sonic Youth
  14. Yellow Kid – Royal Trux
  15. Dive – Nirvana
  16. Thorn – Mudhoney
  17. Flying Lesson -- Yo La Tengo
  18. Transfiguration – Screaming Trees
  19. Tom Courtenay -- Yo La Tengo
  20. Crooked and Wide -- Mudhoney
  21. Mr. Moto – Agent Orange (I)

A: I am warning you now this is an unabashed nostalgia trip with groups from the 80’s and 90’s, mostly 90's. Title refers to my suspicion that Sonic Youth and their ilk are best listened to when one has heard too much rock. What comes after rock perfection? SY.

B: I’ve come to appreciate Mudhoney more and more. The attitude, the longevity, the whole fuzzy thing. I even splurged and bought an LP on translucent vinyl. The record’s called Since We’ve Become Translucent. Track 20 is from that record.

C: This entire mix is inspired by the box set With the Lights Out, especially this song from the box.

D: Thurston Moore wrote some great liner notes for the box mentioned in C, which led me to Mudhoney.

E: This is the funniest anti-war song I’ve ever heard.

F: I missed out on the Royal Trux thing in the 90’s. Luckily Drag City is still printing these discs.

G: I have the split cassette single Nirvana and Jesus Lizard did, but I decided to explore Mr. Yow’s earlier efforts. I will never forget seeing the JL perform an impromptu gig on Lollapalooza’s second stage while in Yow’s words, “that fucking cunt and her band” were playing the main stage. Sacramento 1995. Sonic Youth headlined, with Diamond Sea a particularly stunning peak.

H: Those guys from Track 2 liked the Beatles.

I: Well that’s it. Not sure how that OC surf rock cover got on there. This felt pretty good. I haven’t posted in a while, been busy working my cubicle job and uh, y’know, just busy with worthwhile projects like setting up a MySpace page for our booze-loving red monkey. Things of that nature. See you soon.

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Lefty said...

Funny, I was just listening to "Diamond Sea" on headphones and re-realizing what an epic it is. Saw them play it at the Roseland Ballroom in 1995 through a haze of reefer. Was asked by the authorities to stifle it, which I did, but the damage was done. The sea was already diamond, as it were.