Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hear the Song from the Sea

Simply following through on a couple of themes here. One being the Limey factor - watched the 21 and Up edition of the 7 and Up series last night. Further proof that being 14 is miserable no matter what. Also proof that being happy and content at 14 probably means you'll be miserable, homeless and border-line schizophrenic when you're 21. The wife and I are pretty into As Time Goes By and the totally romanticed portrayal of Britain, what James Walcott likens to "wearing a tea cozy on your head" in the new Vanity Fair. Guilty as charged. Sly Stone always looked good in a tea cozy. And this Marian Segal and Silver Jade is one more for the maritime chapter. And there's more much-needed oceanography here. I read that this record had been reissued a few years back in Mojo, then, oddly enough, I stumbled on a cheap vinyl copy at a nostalgia/junk shop in Middletown, CT, with Lefty, I believe. You can bet that the Sandy Denny police are hot on Segal's trail, ready to issue her a citation for impersonating a folk rocker. The band gets points for mixing Swinging London with Puritan Father. Cravats are in place.

Marian Segal and Silver Jade
"Amongst Anemonies" from Fly on Strangewings

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Lefty Says... said...

The gauntlet has surely been thrown down. Cravats, tea cozies ... "strangewings"? Amazing. Another post like this and we'll be ready for primetime. I'm sure it only took you eight hours to do this, too, so no problem with time and all. Excellent!