Sunday, November 13, 2005

Their Riders Are You and I

Ok. Environmental, Mormon, metal boyband complete with soul horn blasts and vision-quest-worthy ecstatic scream-emulating guitar effects. Never say that Joseph Smith, the Angel Moroni and the state of Utah never did anything for you. If it’s old hat for you, just dust it off and realize that its rumples have gained dignity. I played in a band that covered this tune, "Crazy Horses." I think KMFDM did a version. I’m sure others have, too. There's a tune on this record about "going back to Utah," which always seems like a good idea. They beat Sufjan Stevens to the punch on that one. There's also a track that directly rips off the thundering Nordic battle-axe riff from the "Immigrant Song." Evidently someone's selling this one (a bootleg CD, I think) for $500 on Amazon.

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Gee said...

haha I've found this record in my parents collection! I usually play it at 45RPM for fun :)