Thursday, November 17, 2005

Silver-Tongued Devil

It’s always the Rhodes Scholars who come through in a pinch. Where else would you go for some whiskery minimalist funereal grit-poet gospel? Special K does crease-faced hangover daze with class. It’s not like Kristofferson’s reputation needs any rehabilitation; he’s practically a Marlboro Man godhead bard, as anyone who’s ever seen Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid knows. It’s a shame that his style of mythic leathery dissipation and tracheotomy chic has lost fans (hasn’t it?). This track, "Epitaph: Black and Blue," is at the end of The Silver-Tongued Devil and I, a record worth having for the weird mariachi tinge of "The Taker" and "Loving Her Was Easier."


Lefty said...

Positively crusty! Sounds like Little Wings after 15 years of hard labor and five in a very depressing whiskey bar.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kris is the unacknowledged progenitor of "bummer core"?

Jake Z