Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Life on the River

Cool Change
The Little River Band
First Under the Wire, 1979

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Courtesy of Mr. Poncho. These guys make the late '70s sound like the early '80s. Australians are often futuristic in precisely that way.
The albatross and the whales, they are my brothers.
Killer. The piano-man piano and sax solo create a frisson of pure reason. There's a love here that's higher than your assessment of what their love can be. See also: Christopher Cross. The chorus actually makes me think Karl Rove's going to get fired.

For no special reason, I want to point out that before Sufjan, there was Randy.

The Beehive State

Randy Newman
Randy Newman Creates Something New Under the Sun, 1970

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This blogging stuff is making me very moody.

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