Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Need to Share

I bought this record about 10 years ago, at a thrift store in Charleston, SC, I think. No doubt the artist's rendering on the cover caught my eye, but I'm pretty sure that the Lee Hazelwood production credit clinched it. Let me say that I'm not certain this is good music, but it's definitely of interest, especially to everyone in the thick of the quiet music, acoustic psych, freak folk fairie people surge. This one sits nicely, or aptly, near your Vashti Bunyan, your Linda Perhacs and whatever else. The obeo requirement is fulfilled. Creeping flute, maybe some harpsichord, if you needed it. Someone assured me that this has been issued on CD, but I've not seen it.

Here's what Lee Hazelwood says of Arthur on the back of the record:
"Arthur ... a tear looking for a thirsty eye ... a mind that listens to pictures .. a man who will someday be a child again."

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